Paul Sop Announces Account on Kyma X Platform by Symbolic Sound

Artist Seeks New Ways to Share his Music

(TORONTO, ON) DECEMBER 1, 2014 – Toronto artist Paul Sop, a Kitchener native, announced today that he has created a page on the website of Kyma X, a leading sound design software provider. Paul Sop. A Toronto resident, has created music for more than 18 years, including industrial music, techno music, ambient music and dance music.

The artist started making music in his 20s while living in Kitchener, and also began his passion for photography in his hometown. Fans and readers can view and listen to some of this early Paul Sop Kitchener art on Sop’s social media pages, his blogs, his website and on numerous other sites.

Paul Sop Also a Photographer

Follow the artist on his blogs and social networks like SoundCloud, PhotoBucket, Pinterest, MySpace and Facebook to see the latest Paul Sop photography and get the latest Paul Sop news, including updates about new music and new photos. The artist shoots Paul Sop Toronto photos across the city, including outdoors pictures and photos of festivals and other social gatherings.


Kitchener Native Paul Sop Establishing Himself as an Artist in Toronto

Paul Sop Photography Features Variety of Subjects

Kitchener Native Paul Sop Establishing Himself as an Artist in Toronto

Photographer Paul Sop shoots images of many subjects, including motorcycles.

Paul Sop, a Toronto resident and transplant from Kitchener in southern Ontario, has distinguished himself with his beautiful photography and original music, finding a place in Toronto’s thriving arts scene. The tech expert has shared his pictures and songs on online forums, networks and websites, as well as in the “real world.” Paul Sop photography spotlights subjects such as motorcycles, cars, architecture, wildlife and nature, landmarks across the city, festivals, social gatherings, technology, musical equipment and more.

Look for Sop’s Art Across the Web

The artist started creating artistic photos and music in his hometown. Paul Sop Kitchener photography featured animals, vegetation, weather and other outdoors scenes, as well as technology and more.

For more information about Paul Sop Toronto art and Paul Sop news, visit the artist’s website,, and his network of blogs and accounts, or follow him on social media. Readers can find Paul Sop photographer’s work on BlogSpot, WordPress, BuzzFeed, Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest and other sites across the web.

Kitchener Artist Paul Sop Adds Post on Tumblr Account

Sop Has Pursued Art for Many Years

Kitchener Artist Paul Sop Adds Post on Tumblr Account

Toronto musician Paul Sop, a native of Kitchener, use professional equipment in his music compositions.

Artist Paul Sop has pursued creative interests most of his life. Starting with his upbringing in the Southern Ontario city of Kitchener, Paul Sop has channeled his creativity in music and photography. The artist now exhibits his photographs and original music compositions on a number of networks, websites and blogs across the web. The Toronto artist has used his account on the micro-blogging site Tumblr to promote his artwork and share it on dedicated pages on his site, The artist’s Tumblr site also shares Paul Sop news and articles about the Kitchener native.

Artist Produces Creative and Original Music


Flamboosta from Paul Sop on Myspace.

A new post on his Paul Sop Toronto Tumblr site talks about Sop’s music and photographs. Paul Sop photography, in both color and black& white, captures noteworthy scenes, and presents some unorthodox camera subjects in intelligent and noteworthy ways. The photographer and musician shoots images of wildlife, technology, staircases, buildings, automobiles, motorcycles and many other subjects, and he often finds innovative ways to portray his subjects. He creates music ranging from ambient music to industrial music. Sop also makes dance music and “techno” music.

Paul Sop’s Techno Music

photo of electronic control panel.

Control panel, photography by Paul Sop.

In addition to being a contemporary visual artisto of photographer, Paul Sop is also an accomplished musician. Blending together elements of techno, electronic, industrial and dance funk he creates a unique sound with a great beat.

Paul enjoys his hobby of music production at his home in Toronto, Ontario. This Canadian native is originally from Kitchener a small town, around 100 km, or 64 miles outside of Toronto.

Paul’s electronic music blends can be sampled on various websites including the ever popular MySpace.

Kitchener Native Paul Sop Publishes Press Releases to Inform the Public about New Pages on His Blogs

New Pages Highlight Sop’s Music and Photos

Kitchener Native Paul Sop Publishes Press Releases to Inform the Public about New Pages on His Blogs

Photographer Paul Sop has used press releases to promote his photography and music.

Toronto artist Paul Sop has published a number of press releases in recent days to spread word about new content on several of his blogs, including this one. New pages on Paul Sop blogs have featured the artist’s photography and music, while other new pages have included helpful links and Paul Sop news.

Paul Sop Shoots Various Images Across Ontario

A native of Kitchener in Southern Ontario, Paul Sop continues to reside in the province, and its people, customs and scenery have inspired a significant amount of his photography. Paul Sop photography spotlights technology themes, music themes, wildlife, architecture, car culture, motor sports and other subjects.

Paul Sop, Toronto Artist, Adds New Pages to his Tumblr Site

Paul Sop Publishing His Art on Many Forums

Paul Sop, Toronto Artist, Adds New Pages to his Tumblr Site

Paul Sop photography features interesting images, angles and perspectives.

The musician and photographer has promoted his original music and photos on a widening set of sites, third-party blogs and social networks.

Toronto artist and Kitchener native Paul Sop has used a number of online forums to spread awareness about his original music and photography. Paul Sop, who has a background in technology, has used his knowledge and familiarity with computers and computer networking to turn into subject material for his photography. The Toronto resident also shoots images of landmarks, buildings and architecture across the city, as well as images of social gatherings and festivals across the city and Ontario.

Keep Up with Paul Sop News on Artist’s Blogs

Along with photography, the artist also pursues music production as a passion, and has published examples of this creative outlet on the web. Paul Sop Toronto music blurs the lines between genres, with tracks featuring industrial sounds, ambient music, techno music and dance music. The artist uses synthesizers, drum machines, synthesizers, keyboards and other effects to create a full sound.

Check out different Sop blogs, including this one, to stay on top of the latest Paul Sop news and see the latest examples of Paul Sop photography.